I’m a Star at a Start-Up

There are so many benefits to working at a start-up company as I have done multiple times. I am a star at a start-up, looking for my big break, learning and having a great time along the way.

I am here to develop, here to learn. But I bring language expertise and diligence to the table. It is a mutually beneficial, reciprocal situation. I am learning responsibility and at the same time putting my writing chops on display. But I am more than a writer, I am more than a creative mind. I can come up with quality copy, quick and on schedule. Do my employers know me to be different? My recommendation letters would seem to echo the same point. I can rewrite, edit and proofread effortlessly. I can boil down a message, like a chicken broth for chicken soup for a raspy voiced child getting over a fever who feels neglected by his rich family so the maid makes the soup. You get the point. I paint a picture as if I was a one-eyed artist composing classical music in the south of France, using art as an escape and not caught up in material possessions. And still as vivid as a material possession such as a high definition television screen playing YouTube videos of my play productions. And I hope to be as productive as a television manufacturer and as innovative and disruptive as a start-up company looking to break into the Danish market because you have to start at home before you can go abroad.

But I’ve already been published abroad. No one can call me local, I try to make my words universal. I hope they carry and I am always ready to share them. When I am not in office, catch me at a poetry recital. Who would have known about me though, am I a diamond in the rough? Like a Brazilian soccer star hidden away, with Neymar capabilities and no one there to facilitate their growth. Don’t forget about me because I am at a start-up, I have initiative, hustle and ambition. I am working this hard for free because I believe in the process. Grabbing every opportunity and staying ready.

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