If I Worked For… Beats

Picture the sound of no black music billionaires. A tasteless existence because over here, you can hear the headphones aren’t made by the meticulous expert behind The Marshall Mathers LP, Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ and most recently Kung fu Kenny. No no, I want my hip hop giant taking on Bose, kicking ass and sparking a dope marketing campaign that started with the iconic classic beats in every music video that mattered. Now they’ve branched out, a bevvy of in-ear options, apple integration – (sorry android) and portable speakers. When I put on my beats I feel I, as a black man can chase billion dollar excellence too, and win young black man, win. It embodies everything Kaepernick took a knee for, it’s as excellently black as a shot of Ciroc. Put on your beats – cancel ALL negative noise.

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