HR Heroes

Heroes of HR. Holding it together Really. It reminds me of my first internship. I worked closely with the head of HR. For a while now I’ve contemplated a career in the field. I have a communication background and I’m as versatile as a Swiss Army knife in the pocket of a marine who moonlights as a marine biologist. And I work to make my words as sharp as that Swiss accessory, writing and rewriting.

All metaphors aside, I strive for an environment of trust, openness and warmth in an interview. Although not a journalist by education, I combined my communication degree with in the field journalist work. English is my first language, I can communicate precisely and accurately. With the precision of a teenager recalling their first love vividly and with child-like joy. With the surgical precision of a doctor performing his last surgery so he can enjoy the fruits of his labor with his family.

Which hero? More Clark Kent than superman, writing reports or using my experience as a reporter. No transformation because Clark carries super qualities inside and we are all heroes internally and HR heroes help bring out the best in us all.

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