How to do your best and still not get the job

Picture this, you really want a job. Dream with me – then decide if it’s really a nightmare. Leave behind another opportunity, a more secure one, bet on yourself and land your dream role. It’s simple really. You have to work for it, but work was never the issue. You prepare more than you have ever prepared, to the point where you feel calm, content and maybe even lose your nervous edge. The real desire burning inside you is dimmed as the promise becomes routine. You take for granted that people love to meet you in a job interview setting. They’ve said it before, so they’ll say it again right. Not so fast – hold your horses cowboy! 🐎

Prepare how? Write down three strengths and weakness (plus solutions). Digging into every technique about job interviews you’ve ever had. You investigate the business the company is making. Heck, by chance you even have one of the company’s products on you. Your skills are on point, you make a great impression or, so you think. They decide you aren’t a good fit for the team. The ultimate rejection of you – but just when you want to embrace their decision as that rejection – you get called in for another job interview. It’s a heartless game and there are no friends in corporate 💔.

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