How NOT to network!!

I have previously written about being a star at a start-up. But like anyone else I am seeking permanent opportunities and job security. So, at one of my larger stops, Nordic Game Jam 2016 where I was social media manager, I saw a golden opportunity to secure a long-term job. Only problem was, the potential employers were there to “jam”, enjoy the proceedings and maybe meet the creators of Diablo or Fallout. But I approached it as impatiently and rushed as a premature baby out the womb. Does that mean my career in the Danish gaming industry is on life support? I believe I pulled through with the bravery of a knight or better yet a gutsy mother, putting food on the table and maintaining her sanity and good humor along the way. So, if a networking baby pulls through some tough early circumstances, do they not have a long bright future ahead of them regardless? Who cares how rocky the start was?

My mistake: I identified the Danish game industry people and directly went and pitched myself. They understandably got tired of me to the point where one man was almost avoiding me at the end. They must have observed my 6’5 frame aggressively lobbying for a job and gotten extremely uncomfortable. As mild mannered as I usually am, I might have cut quite a menacing figure. What did go well at the Game Jam, was just talking about games. I made a positive impression with a Dutch game maker just telling him I wanted to meet him because he made a cool game. My knowledge of his game was limited but we had a nice chat and took a picture. Now if I had similar encounters with the Danish game guys, did an awesome job covering the event and then used their email addresses that I had already to network after the fact, maybe it would have been a different story. But hey they didn’t have job openings, I was as hungry as a homeless man who is too proud to beg for food money with the hustle and determination of a mother taking care of her family. So, I took my chance it didn’t work out, maybe employers from other cultures would have appreciated the more forward approach who knows. All I know is at that time, in that context me stepping out of my comfort zone and pitching did not help. Although, I do realize that while it didn’t aid me immediately, who is to say it didn’t reap other benefits for me – get out of your comfort zone today, but be more prudent and plan better!

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