How much can you earn working for free?

Every up and coming professional should try working for free. If you are passionate enough to find time to do it with no salary, that is a good indication that it is the career path for you. I’m not talking about being taken advantage of, I’m talking about thinking strategically and gaining the experience that will help you down the line.

  1. The “I” in team

You can really make your mark even early in your career. While you might have to sacrifice having a specialized supervisor in your field, you can really put your decision-making chops to the test. Your role in the team will be enhanced enormously.

  1. “You gon’ learn today”

If you work at a start-up for example, you set yourself up for insight into being an entrepreneur as well as diligent work habits. What it really takes to succeed will become clear to you. You will learn about the company, many times at an office space with other companies, and you will learn about yourself as you will be thrust into a leadership role.

  1. Put your Nikes on… in other words, Just Do it

There is only one way to gain experience, go through it, there is only so much you can learn in lectures. In the digital world, change is constant and to stay on top of trends and keep your skills sharp, you must actively work.

  1. For the love of the game

Do you really love your job? Would you do it for free for a time? Let me know.

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