Eric – ‘Ludaric’ – Back for the fourth time

At the start-up workspace – Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship – I am back for the fourth time.

Third start-up with one stint as intern in the head office.

I tried other positions that didn’t pan out. I’m tailor-made for the start-up culture. Diligent with initiative and gusto – I push things through from day one. I may scare some away, being so creative that I have delved into the theater world and poetry slams. My heart is in creating great content. At the start-up hoodee I’m on board for a stretch picking up marketing experience.

I’m committed to content. With the passion for writing birthed in journalism – I treat my texts like my newborns. I value them highly and give them love, nurturing and everything I have.

I love the start-up environment – my brand is I’m a star at a start-up 🌟. I’m gonna shine – get your glasses out. 😎

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