Animal instinct, Human touch

I had a dream I made it big, my idea of making it big: I was a big time music journalist. Now don’t get me wrong I have reviewed my share of concerts, had the reviews published. I have reviewed albums as prolifically as a steady downpour of rain, that you observe from your window. You know the kind in a Copenhagen summer that makes you feel the sun is as rare to observe as the Loch Ness monster and just as hypothetical. I have had interviews that were so much fun to do. Furthermore, I learned from them and developed, like a youngster in the perfect nurturing environment with the ultimate teacher, being shaped for greatness. And thinking back on the process, the reflection is really deadly, similar to how Narcissus drowned while admiring his beauty in the lake. It is dead honest.

I had a dream I made it big. And then I woke up, because career dreams aren’t my truest dream at all. I am more than my career path although it gives me purpose, it is one side of the equation and I am more than my pen. I have ambition and drive, as if I drove for a living, relying on my skills behind the wheel, similar to a bus driver providing for his children and sending money home to support his old mom. I want it bad, I’m a boxer that gets knocked down 3 times in the first 11 rounds only to deliver that counterpunch for the win in round 12. My reality for making it big is treating my family with the truth and honor of a Knight, who has lost his shining armor because appearance is only part of your shine. My reality for making it big is being fulfilled, looking myself in the mirror saying “damn it I did it.” I didn’t compromise I overcame obstacles, as if I was left for dead at the lake as a baby and raised by a pride of lions before branching out like a tree, and developing a human touch. Yes, it is combined with my animal instinct.

But animals protect their family, they do a darn good job of it. Do they express themselves creatively too? Or is that the human genes. They howl, they bite. For writers biting is a no no, it is a term for copying. And I am an original who composes copy. Forget it though, I’ll always write and with my family there to learn from and inspire me, I’ll be winning, regardless of job title.

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