I’m an up and coming strategic communication professional. Early in my career, I have experience as a communications consultant and journalist. I have been published in Denmark and the UK, I have experience with the art of the interview. I graduated from poetry to playwright and I’m always looking to improve and upgrade myself. It’s kind of like the Beyoncé song ‘Let Me Upgrade You’ is my soundtrack. Like I’m in my very own hip-hop biopic based on a deceased legend, only with factual accuracy. I am working on my second master’s degree but it’s work work work work like I’m in the sun of Barbados listening to Robyn Rihanna Fenty looking at the clear sky and writing in my notebook at the beach. I say that to say this, I’m always looking for work experience, whether I’m consulting on communications, freelance proofreading, project managing or reviewing concerts, I do it all. Like a brave mother who works tirelessly to put food on the table and sacrifices, and does it with a smile and finds a way to connect with her children – hi mom!